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We are very excited to reveal our budding design for our Desert Palisades, Palm Springs project. New construction, nestled quietly at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains, this new take mid-century modern architecture stands as a testament to harmonious living with nature. Its design is a dance between tranquility and entertainment, a sanctuary for the soul in the heart of a desert canvas, adorned with majestic boulders that seem to hold secrets of millennia. The home boasts approximately 4,000 square feet of living space, open plan living, a luxurious open deck and pool for relaxing and entertaining.


Every element in this carefully considered abode whispers reverence for its surroundings. Materials chosen for its creation mirror the rugged elegance of the desert, with warm hues that echo the sun-kissed sands and cool tones reflecting the stoic mountains. The marriage of indoors and outdoors is seamless, blurring boundaries as if inviting nature's beauty to be a part of daily life.

patio & interior.jpg

As the sun descends behind the peaks, a sunken firepit emerges, a beckoning heart for intimate gatherings. Flames dance in the dusk, casting an enchanting glow upon faces illuminated with laughter and shared stories. Here, in the midst of this earthly symphony, relaxation finds its truest form, and the spirit of entertainment takes on a soulful resonance. This is not merely a home; it is a living ode to the majesty that cradles it.

front close up.jpg
award plan NEWW-01.jpg
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