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This remodel and third story addition to a two story beach bungalow included chopping off the roof and adding a whole new level to the top of the house to provide vistas of the ocean. The home plays with color and geometric shapes throughout. Each level features a uniquely colorful space to bring the light and playfulness to the house.

Photography by Ivan Feign and Richard Hammond.

A bright yellow, playful front entry is angled towards the street inviting visitors in. The front door features a stained glass window that was part of the original home. Space is at a premium close to the beach and the back yard is utilized to its full capacity.

The home makes creative and efficient use of space. Coming up from the ground to the second level a bookshelf creates a wall for partial privacy in the living area. In the living room a maple wood wall hides a storage space, a bright red bathroom, as well as a little reading/sleeping nook.

The kitchen  island was built on caster wheels so it can be moved to expand the entertainment area or create space for morning yoga.

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