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This is one of our latest projects. We're very excited about this one! It's going to have some design features that will make it unique and distinct from the houses in the neighborhood. Diamond shaped metal siding in stark contrast with dark stucco.


Our concept for the project consist of distinguishing between the new and existing portions. The existing home will be dark stucco  and the new will be white metal cladding. 

INT_0010000      .jpg
INT_0020000      .jpg

Axon view of the interiors and surrounding landscape.

drawing axon.jpg
2109 Edna and Jon - 3D View - adu & side yard.jpg
2109 Edna and Jon - 3D View - backyard_page-0001.jpg
2109 Edna and Jon - 3D View - side yard & backyard_page-0001.jpg

Perspective views.

2109 Edna and Jon - 3D View - entrance of main house_page-0001.jpg

Existing property.

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